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UWP AKC Mjr ptd. Emcat's Dancing Phalanges CGC SPOT TKN


AKC DN57898805

DOB: 05/19/2019

Pedigree: Breed Archive

Health Testing Results:

DM: Carrier
SDCA1: Clear
SDCA2: Clear
MDR1: Clear
Hips: TBD
Elbows: TBD
Eyes: TBD
Dentition: TBD

Color Testing Results:

Em/Em: Dark mask
Ky/Ky: Doesn't carry for dominant black
Ay/Ay: Genetically sable
D Locus: no call
l/l: Does not carry for long coat

Bones was our smallest pup in the litter from the start, but don't let that fool you. This boy has a big personality. He is goofy and fun loving, sharp and intense. He and his owner have made me incredibly proud with their wins in the show ring. It has always been my hope to produce working dogs with good conformation, and he is living up to that dream. We are hoping for his last few points once shows restart with the pandemic. After he receives his CH his owner plans to focus heavily on his agility career with hopes of working towards his MACH. Bones is also training in herding, disc, rally, and dock diving. Keep an eye out for this special boy.

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