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Who am I?


When I first looked at the Belgian Malinois, I had this spark in my heart. Despite what a lot of people say online about how crazy the breed is and how they never settle down or sleep, I had this crazy feeling and knew right away it was the breed for me.

I didn’t know right away that I had an interest in breeding. It seemed like something incredibly daunting. How do you find the right dogs? How do you know if they’re good enough? Breeding isn’t just putting two dogs together. It’s hours of research into dogs, pedigrees, temperaments, genetics. It’s pouring over your choice pairs a million times trying to make sure you’ve made the right decision.

It was something I moved into without realizing. Research into the breed’s history, the standard, pedigrees, and genetics are a huge passion of mine. Learning about the complexity of prey drive, defense, aggression, biddability, sociability, and instinct was all fascinating in how you really need ALL of those things to produce a well rounded working Belgian. In time that research really led me to the decision to breed. I found, through a lot of my research, a serious lack of stable, driven dogs that fit both an experienced handler and could also be worked and handled by a novice.

A breed is nothing without people to love and recognize its potential and I decided it was a passion of mine to move forward with the idea of the perfect “all around” dog. A dog that would be suitable for a variety of owners and disciplines. A dog that could perform multiple of the original functions. And that’s what we work toward with every breeding. Every choice made in my program is in pursuit of that goal.

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