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AKC Major Pointed

Emcat’s You're a Wizard Harry K9SL-EL PDC RN NF DS CGCA CGCU TKN


AKC DN57898804


DOB: 05/19/2019



Hagrid is an intense and robust dog. He has boundless drive in both work and play, but he is also just as happy to spend his days relaxing at home and laying around. He is neutral towards strangers and intensely committed to his people. He embodies many of the qualities of the ideal protection dog with a full and crushing grip whether on the upper or lower body. Despite his stocky build, he can be an extremely graceful mover and jumper, with his weaves in agility rivaling man of the sleek smaller dogs speed and form.

Hagrid inherited all the intensity of his sire with the work ethic and problem solving capabilities of his dam. He has no quit and has an incredibly high frustration threshold for how serious of a dog he can be. He attacks any new problem with boundless enthusiasm and is able to problem solve even in a highly aroused state. His latent learning capabilities means this lovely boy doesn't need hours upon hours of training, retaining and coming to understand concepts in the down time between sessions.

I hope to use this boy in the future and we will be keeping frozen semen on him for future generations. He is currently available at stud to approved females.


Hips - Good
Elbows - Normal

Spine - Normal
Eyes - Normal (23)
Dentition - Full Scissor

CHIC 187213

DM Carrier (22)

Height - 25"

Weight - 75 lbs

Carries for long coat

COI: 0.6% *At 7 generations



K9 Street League Entry Level 3rd Place


NADD Regional Qualifier - Air Retrieve


AKC Agility

Novice FAST

AKC Rally

Rally Novice

AKC Other

Canine Good Citizen

AKC Community Canine

Canine Good Citizen Urban

Trick Dog Novice

Protection Sports Association


K9 Street League

Entry Level


Dock Senior

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