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Lord Explosion Murder v Cloven Hoof



AKC DN57898804

DOB: 05/19/2019

Pedigree: PawVillage

Health Testing Results:


Color Testing Results:


Hagrid is currently training in PSA and rally, and is competing in dock diving. I am super excited with what I’ve seen from this boy so far. I’ve had the privilege of catching him and getting to watch him grow. He’s got super nice bites, has worked through different scenarios and pressures on the bite beautifully despite only being a year old. I’m hopeful that we will be using this boy in the future.

From Hagrid’s co-owner:​“ Hagrid, named after the big half giant in Harry Potter. Just like his namesake he’s got a heart of gold. Honestly he’s everything I wanted in a malinois thus far. He picks up new things quickly and is excited to try whatever I throw his way. Hagrid honestly helps me in my day to day life and I couldn’t have asked for a better boy. Hagrid is currently in training and competing in PSA and dock diving. With plans to try multiple other sports and eventually show. Hagrid is super dog social and absolutely loves everyone he meets!”

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