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Lochness Monster

AKC Pointed

Loose Lips Sink Ships v Cloven Hoof BN RA MX MXJ XF SWA SBM SCE SEE DS CGCA CGCU IND

Belgian Malinois #8 Sat BOB Judge Jill Warren-_JP_9985e-CCKC2023_HR3.jpg

AKC DN67557901

UKC D165-601


DOB: 06/24/2021



Lochness is much of what I hoped to produce when I first considered breeding. I affectionately refer to her as my Malady clone. She is not only much of what I love about Malady, but also the additional drive, intensity, and edge that I was looking for. Like Malady, she fairs well in the house and doesn't require any excess activity to keep her happy. She is affectionate with people and sturdy in public. She is quick to charm people everywhere she goes with her silly personality.

She is in tune with her handler and will work hard for both food and toys, as well as simple praise. She is a quick study in new behaviors and has already started proving herself in competition, having already stepped in the ring in multiple venues. She is a chipper worker with a complex ability to problem solve. She is appropriately handler sensitive without softness and handles correction with no attitude.

Lochness is slated to take over as my main competition, demo, and service dog as Malady moves towards retirement, and I expect her to fill Mal's shoes beautifully. 


Hips - Good
Elbows - Normal

Spine - Normal

Cardiac - Normal
Eyes - Normal (
Dentition - Full Scissor

CHIC 187212

CJM Carrier (22)

Height - 22"

Weight - 47 lbs

Carries for long coat

COI: 0.07% *At 7 generations



Magnolia ISC Cup A1 24" Standard 1st Place

Magnolia ISC Cup A1 24" Jumpers 2nd Place

Magnolia ISC Cup A1 24" Overall 1st Place

#9 24" Malinois Power Score


AKC Agility

Master Excellent Standard

Master Excellent Jumpers w/ Weaves

Excellent Standard

Excellent Jumpers w/ Weaves

Open Standard

Open Jumpers w/ Weaves

Novice Standard

Novice Jumpers w/ Weaves

Novice FAST


Excellent FAST


AKC Rally

Rally Novice

Rally Advanced

AKC Other

Canine Good Citizen

AKC Community Canine

Canine Good Citizen Urban

AKC Scent Work

Novice Overall

Novice Interior

Novice Exterior

Novice Buried

Novice Container

Advanced Overall

Advanced Interior

Advanced Exterior

Advanced Buried

Advanced Container

Excellent Exterior

Excellent Buried

Excellent Container

Master Buried

AKC Obedience

Beginner Novice Obedience


UKI Agility

International Senior Dog


Dock Senior

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