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Puppy Buying Process

Our dogs are our family. We plan limited breedings so that our dogs are able to compete and live their lives to the fullest. While we understand that waiting for a puppy can be hard, the health and happiness of our breeding dogs is always first and foremost our priority. Because of the nature of our breeding schedule, most of our puppies are fully reserved before a breeding has taken place, so we recommend contacting us to get on the wait list sooner rather than later.


When you contact us interested in a puppy, we will discuss some of your preferences, if we believe you will be a good fit for us, we will have you fill out our puppy questionnaire. To join our wait list we require a $500 reservation fee. This fee is 50% refundable at any time until you have been offered a puppy. If you should decide to defer on the offer of the puppy, the fee is no longer refundable, but will continue to hold your place on the wait list.


We understand that our homes will usually have a preference for sex, coat and/or color as well as temperament and drives. For this reason we do not imply a ranking order to our wait list. Please understand that the more specific you are about physical traits, the longer you may be waiting for a puppy. We will not place a puppy that matches the physical traits you desire if we do not feel they are a match for you in temperament and drive as well.


Once we have a confirmation of pregnancy, we begin to contact the homes on our list who we believe will be best suited to the upcoming litter. If the timing suits you, you will be asked to to place another payment to secure a puppy from the litter. At this point you will have paid 50% of the total purchase price of your puppy and these payments will become non refundable if something happens that means you are unable to move forward with the purchase of a puppy. 


Because I never want anyone to take a puppy because they are “locked in”, the payments made toward a puppy may not be refunded, but may be transferred at any time to a future litter that is suitable, as long as I am promptly notified of your inability to move forward with the puppy purchase.


It's important to note that when you are looking at the dogs and/or puppies on my website for sale, I am describing them as accurately as possible. It is important to me to correctly match the right dog/pup with the right owner and situation/job. When your dog arrives I want you to be happy with the dog you received, and if there are any concerns, that you contact me immediately.


Keeping in mind that everyone's vision of perfection is different, my idea of a "perfect" dog for me, may not be your idea of a "perfect" dog. Therefore it's important I get as much information as possible about the type of dog you would like, so I can send you the right dog for you.


We do temperament and structural evaluations from 6-8 weeks of age, at which point we will begin to offer puppies to each secured home. The total balance of payment is due at or before puppy pickup. 


Our show/breeding pick prospects are held back and we wait to secure a home for them until it is determined if they will be staying with us. If you are interested specifically in showing and/or being a co-own home for one of our pick puppies, please be sure to specify this when contacting us.


If you are interested in reserving a spot on the waitlist for our upcoming breedings, please contact us through email at

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