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Rise and Grind v Cloven Hoof


AKC DN57898805

UKC P868-612


DOB: 11/13/2016



The dog who started it all. Malady and I didn’t have the best start. I was a bit short sighted when I first got her and for the first year of her life it reflected heavily in her training. Despite that, she was my best friend from day one. She will do anything for me. While some dogs use their drive to overcome obstacles, Malady simply does so out of her trust in me and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. She is my ride or die, my companion, my service dog, my heart.
Malady has trained and competed in a variety of sports, including but not limited to: agility, weight pull, IPO, Mondioring, PSA, tracking, scent work, conformation, dock diving, barnhunt, rally, obedience, herding, mantrailing, and service work. She is one of the most versatile dogs I’ve ever owned, and I knew she had to be the one to start my program.

To her offspring, Malady has given her intellect, adaptability, problem solving, jump form, latent learning, substance, and handler orientation. She produced two lovely litters for me and is now retired from breeding so that she continue her sport career. Her offspring participate in almost every available avenue, with dogs titled in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, scent work, PSA, dock diving, barnhunt, and K9 Street League.


Pennhip - .27/.26

Hips - Good
Elbows - Normal

Spine - Normal

Cardiac - Normal
Eyes - Normal (18, 21, 23)
Dentition - Full Scissor

CHIC 135607

Full DNA Panel Clear (22)

Height - 24.5"

Weight - 65 lbs

Carries for long coat

COI: 0% *At 7 generations



UKC Group Placer

UKC Group Winner

UKC Reserve Best in Show

UKC Champion


UKC Rally High in Trial x2

NADD Regional Qualifier - Air Retrieve



AKC Group Placer

NOHS Group Placer

#20 All Breed


AKC Champion


AKC Conformation

AKC Champion


AKC Agility

Master Agility Champion

Master Excellent Standard Bronze

Master Excellent Jumpers w/ Weaves Bronze

Master Excellent Preferred Standard

Master Excellent Preferred Jumpers w/ Weaves

Master Excellent Standard

Master Excellent Jumpers w/ Weaves

Excellent Standard

Excellent Jumpers w/ Weaves

Open Standard

Open Jumpers w/ Weaves

Novice Standard

Novice Jumpers w/ Weaves

Novice Preferred FAST

Open Preferred FAST


AKC Rally

Rally Novice

UKC Conformation

UKC Champion


UKC Rally

United Rally Obedience 1

AKC Scent Work

Novice Overall

Novice Interior

Novice Exterior

Novice Buried

Novice Container

Advanced Overall

Advanced Interior

Advanced Exterior

Advanced Buried

Advanced Container

Excellent Buried

AKC Obedience

Companion Obedience


UKI Agility

International Agility Champion

International Win Agility Champion

International Agility Champion 2

International Win Agility Champion 2


Dock Junior

Dock Senior

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